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Silk flowers always look fresh and bring a touch of outside indoors.

If you would like us to make a custom piece for your home or office please fill out the contact form below, so we can better assist you. 


STEP 1 - Please find inspirational images of what you like under Pinterest or  Magazines. It's always helpful to see images to guide us. You can also look at our Instagram page and perhaps there are other designs she has created in the past that might catch your eye. None of our designs are the same and some of the material might not be available but we will always try our best to please you.

STEP 2 - After filling out the form, we'll contact you to discuss the end result.   

STEP 3 - Once we have an understanding of what you are looking for, the design process will begin.

STEP 4 - We require 50% in advance to purchase materials. 

STEP 5 - We will begin designing arrangement(s) once materials arrive. The time is will depend on a third party.

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