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H E R A   -    Flower Wall

H E R A - Flower Wall


White Roses, Orchid & Hydrangea Flower Wall


Blue, White & Ivory Flower Wall 


Transform your event space with our stunning Flower Wall, featuring a beautiful white and ivory flowers. Designed to captivate and impress, this flower wall is the perfect addition to any event, whether it's a wedding, corporate gathering, birthday celebration, or photo shoot.


Key Features:

  • Elegant Color Palette: The sophisticated mix of blue, white, and ivory flowers creates a visually striking backdrop that complements any decor theme.


  • Easy Assembly: Our flower wall comes in four parts, making it easy to collect, transport, and install. No special tools or expertise are required, ensuring a hassle-free setup.


  • Versatile Design: Measuring 7 feet by 7 feet, this flower wall is the ideal size for all types of events. It provides a stunning focal point without overwhelming your space.


  • High-Quality Materials: Crafted with care, our flower wall uses high-quality, realistic-looking artificial flowers that maintain their beauty throughout your event.


Whether you're aiming for a romantic ambiance, a modern chic look, or a timeless classic setting, our Flower Wall is the perfect choice to elevate your event decor. Make a lasting impression with a backdrop that exudes elegance and charm.


Contact us today to learn more about our Flower Wall and how it can be the highlight of your next event!

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